BMC was pleased with performance
1959 Sebring
Page 2
MG showed up in force with 4 twin cams
ready to show the world they were fast & reliable

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photo credits:  Spankey Smith, Michael Eaton Collection

Notes by local dealer Jim Forno
Twin Cam Coupes
arrive in style
MG brought  4 cars - 3 raced Out from the belly of the beast
come the twin cam coupes
The twin cam motors were new  Getting ready for the start 
of practice
#28 Twin cam was 2nd in 1.6 class Gus Ehrman/ Ray Saidel drove
Is this the Eaton car?
Dalton / Parkinson twin cam
was 34th overall
View from the
top of pits
Pickering / Flaherty Sherm Decker
car was fast but fragile
Pit activity on race day morning The MG's race off with the
rest of the pack
Through the fast first turn  Shelby looks sad
Salvadori chats 
Big Band leader Paul Whitman was
a big race fan - did Spankey copy?
The Rodriguez bro's did not like
the Boyz & we were jealous of them
Jean Behra smokes, Porsche's
von Hanstein smiles
Sherm Decker (middle)
was fastest MG pilot
Paul O'Shea in striped sweater
Who are the others?
Olivier Gendibien (hat) Phil Hill (behind)
were winners