Sebring Postcard
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Photo credits: Craige Pelouze,  ProgramCoversProject

1956 starting grid with the Porsche's sitting in front of the MGA's    A very proud MGA team after the race with all 3 team cars finishing    At dusk a D Type leads a
Corvette on the back straight

Argentine Carlos Menditeguy
racer and polo player
Menditeguy, a rising star, has a terrible accident and rolls his 3.0S Maserati just after the esses Workers and spectators try to get
Carlos out of the wrecked Maserati
Workers carry Menditeguy away from the wreck and think he is dead so leave him on the ground Standing around the stretcher, with
an ambulance nearby but note poor
Carlos is laying face down
The #49 MGA drives by the smashed Maserati & Menditeguy.  Carlos recovered and raced until 1960